Hive - Web Application

Watson & Son Ltd

We were approached by local Manuka Honey pioneers Watson and Son to build them a cloud based platform for their hive database and honey production tracking. Their goal was to track their honey from where it was collected from all over the North Island, right through the extraction and production process, all the way to a finished product. What we gave them was so much more.

After spending hours learning their business process and becoming familiar with the journey the honey took as it went through the different process and facilities, we were able to build them a complete tool to not only input and track the data on their honey but also manage sales, output reports for the finance team, automate the payment process for landowners, track stock and supply and much more.

Because the system was designed entirely to suit their needs there is no excess functions or bloat and the system matches their current business processes, so they didn’t have to learn how to ride all over again. We made sure from the beginning that Hive was built in a modular fashion so that as the company makes feature requests and addition we can simply add it on to the existing framework without having to rewrite everything or roll out new versions every month.

And being in the cloud means that they can access the database from anywhere in the country, on any device that has access to the internet and always have the most up to date information right at their fingertips. This will become even more critical as Watson and Son continue to grow. If your business is in need of a custom designed, purpose built online solution, then give us a call for a no obligations chat on how we can simplify and unify your business processes.