What we do

The Cloud is a hot term that everyone's heard, however as a business tool it isn't well understood.

When your business is in the Cloud, your data and files are saved on high performance, super-secure, offsite servers rather than your own company owned and...Read more

Is all of your important data completely backed up to a secure off-site location? Are you able to efficiently recover these files and systems in the event of a major or minor disaster? These are questions business owner should be asking themselves, as recovering data after an IT disaster is an...Read more

Tailored selection and installation of IT infrastructure and a robust maintenance plan are key elements to a successful, productive business. IT infrastructure design can vary depending on whether your business ranges from one to one hundred people; luckily we have the experience to design a...Read more

Our core business is IT Consultancy. This is everything from large-scale solution architecture and its implementation, right down to basic desktop support (like when you can’t get your phone and computer to ‘talk’ or your emails won’t send). We also have a talented web team that...Read more

To complement our expert IT services and skills we have an in-house designer with experience in graphic design and leading Adobe products to help you with any design work that you may require. Whatever your design needs, our designer can provide you with excellent service and

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Whether it is time to upgrade your fleet of desktops for your businees or you need a new laptop because your cat spilled liquid all over your old one, we can provide you a quote for a new machine to get you back up and running. 

We can help you work out what will be best suited to your...Read more

At Ohnyx we know that your online presence is essential to the marketing and growth of your business. We offer a range of web solutions to help you promote your business and get ahead of the competition. From domain and web hosting to website design and development, we can do it all.

All...Read more