Managed Services


Deployment of managed services throughout a business is actually the simplest part of managing a client’s infrastructure. Essentially, we do it all for you, quickly, quietly and efficiently.

Painless Deployment

Our technicians will usually be able to remotely deploy an ‘agent’ (an application that runs silently on each workstation in your organisation), which gives us the control and monitoring capabilities we need to provide proactive and reactive management of each end device.

In rare instances, it may be necessary for one of our technicians to visit your site and install the agent on a one-by-one basis, but even then this isn’t a lengthy process as the installation time per instance is minimal.


Once the agent is deployed to the devices we will manage, each workstation then feeds back useful information to our centralised management platform at Ohnyx HQ.

We can monitor the health of each device and pick up early warning signals for issues before they develop into problems that affect the end user: consistently high CPU thresholds, virus alerts, heavy network traffic or unwelcome manual software installations, for example.

We can also proactively push out workstation builds (software and services), antivirus and windows updates to each managed device, remove malware, gain remote access (with user permission) for troubleshooting issues and even reset the entire device to a clean build; all from our dashboard at Ohnyx HQ.

Deployment is swift, painless and largely automated, meaning disruption is minimal (often non-existent) to your workforce or business.

Audit Checklist

Fill out our IT Infrastructure Audit Checklist to figure out what you need to do to make sure your workplace is up to date and your business is moving into the future.