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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based office software solution that includes business-grade email, word processing, spreadsheets, publishing and more. Let us help you get up and running with Office 365.

Synchronised Productivity

Sometimes mistaken as being simply an ‘email’ solution, Office 365 is actually an extensive suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools empower businesses with increased efficiency, at an affordable per-user price.

Being a cloud service, Office 365’s extensive suite of services, which in addition to business-class email also encompasses synchronised calendar, contacts and traditional Microsoft Office tools like Word and Excel, is available to your users from anywhere there is an internet connection, and even offline (with synchronisation to the cloud occurring the next time the user connects).

When deployed correctly, Office 365 runs smoothly across all company endpoints, including mobile devices, allowing your staff to concentrate on their day-to-day business activities.


Chances are you’re familiar with Microsoft Office and its ever-present, heavy-hitting components: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

These tools have been mainstays for business, education and even personal computing.  When it comes to word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been the go-to tools for over two decades.

With the introduction of Office 365 back in 2011, Microsoft really pulled a rabbit out of the hat.  Offering per-user billing and additional functionality on top of these core products, Office 365 has dominated the market alongside peers such as Google Suite, ever since.

With Office 365 Enterprise edition, your business benefits from an increased array of cloud based services:

  1. Aside from these headline grabbing tools, Office 365 Enterprise also comes packaged with many other useful applications including (amongst others) Microsoft’s own invoicing and CRM tools.Exchange: Business-class email, including 50GB of individual mailbox storage per user, and the ability to access email via both installed applications (the Outlook app) or via your web browser of choice
  2. OneDrive: A generous 1TB of online storage space is available per user, facilitating per-user storage space far beyond that traditionally available via personal folders on shared drives
  3. SharePoint: Microsoft’s proprietary team sharing tool, now housed in the cloud, allows for file sharing and synchronisation, whilst ensuring data confidentiality with in-built administrative functionality to prevent users sharing confidential information outside of the defined organisation
  4. Skype: As known and trusted as its older Microsoft Office contemporaries, Skype for Business offers video conferencing in high definition, as well as in-house instant messaging capabilities

Should your business prefer to use other market leading solutions (such as Xero or HubSpot), chances are that Office 365 will ‘play nicely’ thanks to a huge library of third party application integrations that allow other vendor’s software to work cohesively with Office 365.


So what about email?  Well, instead of the traditional Microsoft Outlook desktop software, Office 365 brings not just your email but also your diary and schedule into the cloud, thanks to synchronised email, calendar and contacts.

Each component is seamlessly synchronised across every device an employee uses (personal computer, tablet, phone), meaning your staff can change from working on one device to another whilst still having the latest up-to-date information readily available, even when on the move.

Malware and spam filtering is included, as are several other intelligent mailbox features, such as eDiscovery.


Possibly the greatest benefit of moving from a traditional on-site email server solution to Office 365, is the potential for saving costs.

Hardware, maintenance and backup costs are eradicated as soon as the switch is made, whilst the per-seat licensing of Office 365 offers affordability and scalability as your business grows, compared to the cost of perpetual licensing for an on-site Exchange server.

Finally, those annoying, ill-timed updates that Microsoft want to apply for your installed Office software?  Move to Office 365 and they become a thing of the past: your business benefits from always up-to-date software.


At Ohnyx, we’re masters with Office 365.

Our friendly techs are happy to spend time delivering formal or informal user training to your team to help them get the most out of their Office 365 toolkit.  Our team is seasoned in educating even the most non-technical users, so don’t worry about Bernard on the top floor – we’ll take it nice and steady and be on hand to handle any queries or for a quick recap.