Managed Services


It shouldn't be so, but unfortunately IT support is something that many organisations seem to get wrong. We strive to buck that trend.

When you engage Ohnyx to be your holistic IT health provider, you are entering into an ongoing relationship with real human beings who are local, approachable and friendly.

To that end, we strive to communicate openly, timeously and in easy-to-understand, plain English.


We firmly believe that prevention is infinitely preferable to cure.

That is why our centralised management platform tracks umpteen different variables when it comes to your IT health.

As you would expect from your strategic IT partner, our management hub excels when it comes to holistically monitoring the health of a wide range of devices (not just end workstations), factors and components within your overall IT systems.

The full list of events is exhaustive but amongst other reiterative checks, performed 24/7, our management console tests:

  1. Is the internet up and running at each physical site or branch?
  2. Is the network equipment (switches, Wi-Fi access points) working properly throughout?
  3. What is the Wi-Fi coverage like throughout the office(s)?
  4. Are internet speeds optimal?
  5. Can each individual desktop machine connect to the internet and all of the services required (both in the cloud and locally)?
  6. Is each machine patched properly with the latest security and application updates?
  7. Is antivirus running correctly on each device?
  8. Is local server hardware operating efficiently?
  9. Are antivirus signatures up to date, per machine?
  10. Is the CPU of any specific machine running consistently higher than might be expected?
  11. Are there any issues with cloud connectivity?
  12. Are backups running properly, and is the latest backup easily restorable in the event of disaster recovery?


Our helpdesk staff are the rarest of creatures: friendly, technically astute humans who enunciate and talk to you as if you were human too.

Available to reach via telephone, email or via a front-end client portal, we make it as easy as possible to create and update tickets, as well as receive updates on progress.

We have a firm commitment to ensuring that our helpdesk staff are cross-network trained so that none of our customers is reliant upon a solitary member of our support team as the only techy that understands their systems.

Having worked hard to modernise your workplace and ensure no single-point-of-failure exists with your technology, it makes perfect sense to us to extend that ethos to the support we provide for you as a customer.

We ensure each customer is allocated a primary technician or technical account manager, whilst also striving to ensure that person’s knowledge of your network and systems is:

A) Fully documented

B) Shared around the team on an iterative basis

This ensures that the technician you talk to will have an understanding of who you are, the systems in place for your organisation and the technology with which you are having difficulty.

On the rare occasions when our first-line guys don’t have the requisite knowledge to address your issue, we have processes in place to ensure swift escalation to the appropriately skilled engineer (often your allocated primary technician).

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