Modernising your workplace


Make a time to discuss

You've had the comprehensive audit, we've prioritised those quick, easy wins to add immediate value and improvement to your workflow and productivity, and we've collaboratively sat down together and formed an overarching roadmap to take you from where you are today to where you need to be.

Enough planning -  now's the time for action!


Depending on the exact nature of each implementation stage on the agreed roadmap, your technical account manager might undertake a combination of responsibilities prior to implementation:

  1. Procurement of hardware
  2. Purchasing software and valid licensing agreements
  3. Performing staging activities or proof-of-concept work off-site at Ohnyx HQ
  4. Risk assessments and disaster recovery planning
  5. Preparation of migration from legacy systems, to reduce business impact
  6. Liaising with stakeholders to agree scheduled work times and outage periods

What to Expect from our Specialised Implementation Team

Except in rare circumstances, we don't sub-contract. So when it comes to implementation day, you can be assured that you'll be getting Ohnyx very own team of friendly IT professionals working on and off-site to implement the installations, solutions, upgrades and remedial fixes agreed at each stage of the roadmap. We've been in IT long enough to know the stereotypes, but we decided early on that we'd buck that trend by being friendly and approachable. We speak layman-friendly English and are happy to take the time to thoroughly explain exactly why we're doing what we're doing, during on-site work.


We never leave site until the work is completed and all stakeholders are happy. Clear, understandable user training forms a big part of successfully embracing new technologies and versions, and our technicians are seasoned in educating even the most non technical users on how to cope with any changes to their workflow. Any decommissioned hardware can be taken away by our team to be safely and securely wiped of all sensitive data and environmentally disposed. And of course, the only scent lingering in your server room when we leave is the sweet aroma of Lynx Africa.

Now what?

While working with you we inevitably will find more things that can be improved as we get to know you and how you run your business. The more we get to know this, the better we will be able to anticipate your future needs and suggest actions proactively. If you have an internal IT resource already, we can work with them throughout the process keeping everyone in the loop with day to day activities on top of high level IT strategy. 

A key driver of productivity and efficiency can come from what hardware your using, making sure its fast enough to keep up with your staff and their work. What software you are using can also play a big part in this and we'll work with you to make sure you're using the best thing possible for your industry.