Modernising your workplace


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Once we've visited your offices and performed a thorough audit of your existing IT infrastructure and services, the next stage in modernising your workplace through smart IT solutions is for our experienced consultant to sit down with you and work through the list of risks we identified during the audit and our recommendations for moving forward to meet  your current and future needs.

Needs vs Budget: Discerning Priority Smartly

In an ideal world, every client would be able to push 'go' and immediately implement each and every suggestion we make based on our comprehensive audits.  But we know that's not realistic.

Instead, we take the time to patiently explain (in plain English) the nature and severity of each risk we have identified, and its potential repercussions.

We'll also adopt a bespoke focus, dependent upon the specific needs of the client, to strike a balance between the immediate benefits of 'quick wins' (those solutions or upgrades that are quick and easy to implement) and potential costs.

More often than not, employing our recommendations will quickly convert into cost savings for the client, compared to continuing with the status quo - and that's without even going into the economy of enabling increased productivity and efficiency across your organisation (which leads to increased profit for your business).

When it comes to selecting the priority action items that come out of our audit, we'll typically avoid those solutions or upgrades that come with considerable up-front cost yet only bring small benefits.  Instead, we will generally focus of "low hanging fruit": those easy to implement solutions that will significantly improve your productivity and efficiency, or simplify and streamline your workflow without significant capital outlay.

Factoring in Risk

Depending on the severity of the risks we've identified, a balance sometimes needs to be struck between managing those purse strings sensibly and avoiding a catastrophic, doomsday scenario.

Where huge issues have been identified that place business continuity at significant risk, the sometimes substantial cost of prevention will genuinely dwarf the potential cost of remediation, should the worst come to the worst.

We explain the possible consequences of not addressing each major risk, so that you can make a fully informed business decision about how you choose to manage it, which helps formulate both prioritisation of work and the future roadmap for your IT services.

Managing Pain Points

Each business is unique, which means we come across a whole range of very different and often quite specific challenges and frustrations.

We'll ask you about the things that really frustrate you day-to-day, as well as help you zone in on those bottlenecks that are hampering your productivity and efficiency as a business.  We then marry those aggravations to the recommended solutions we've identified, in order to ensure that priority is given to fixes and solutions that make life easier for you and your workforce.


We like to think of ourselves as specialist, holistic health practitioners for your business. Most of us at some point in time will seek out alternative or supplemental health solutions in addition to visiting our GP, whether that be an acupuncturist, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or masseuse.

We're all of those things and more. We don't just focus on one facet of your business, or even solely your IT infrastructure. We go deep to find out:

  1. Where your major pain points lie
  2. What your specific goals are
  3. Where you want your business to be in 6 months, a year, 5 years from now

and we work collaboratively with you to help you prioritise actions for the 'here and now', that will help your business systems deliver what you need, as well as develop a long-term roadmap to help you to ultimately get to where you're going.

Next Steps

Having identified the areas of the highest need and practicality within budget we will work through finding the "low hanging fruit" projects that have the greatest impact on improving productivity. We then work with you to prioritise actions and develop a long term roadmap to help you get to where your business is going.